Title: The Game Changer: America’s Most Stunning Election in History
Author: Dwight L. Schwab, Jr.
Pages: 454
Trim Size: 6″ × 9″
Cover Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-692-83781-8

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About the Book


Dwight L. Schwab writes about the 2016 election and how Donald Trump gained the White House.

“Journalism’s job is to provide the first rough draft of history. In the future, understanding America and the world after 2017 will require a clear and concise understanding of the events of and key players in the making of the president 2016. Here, in this volume, the events unfold as they occurred as reported by one of the finest political columnists working: Dwight Schwab.

Kent Crowley, from the Foreword
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Melania Trump, Lucifer, and Fact-Checking

July 21, 2016

If high-information voters are not aware of what is being said by the Hillary-loving mainstream media about the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week, read on. Keep in mind the convention has been going on since Monday afternoon.

The screaming headline in all liberal newspapers and Internet sites, with the same ideology, is simple: take your lead from Hillary’s attack dogs, beginning with Sidney Blumenthal, who would rake his mother across the coals if he was paid to do it.

Starting with Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, who spoke with grace and dignity, the headline the next morning wasn’t that a strikingly beautiful woman came to the US “standing in line” as an immigrant from Slovania. It wasn’t that she runs a highly successful business and speaks five languages with English the fifth one learned.

No, the headline was “Melania plagiarizes speech at convention.” No extra details are necessary for informed Americans. “Plagiarizing” would make every politician, executive, scientist, etc., guilty in some form, especially if the writer provided the speech. In Melania’s situation, the writer has apologized, as if that was necessary, for taking two lines from a Michelle Obama speech last year.

Barack Obama has done the same many times, and there is a well-defined history of that; his vice president was guilty of blatant plagiarism while attending college, and on and on. Here’s a woman speaking in front of millions of Americans in a language many legal and illegals can’t even speak.

Example two of the utterly and open bias of the mainstream media was the next day’s headline that read “Ben Carson refers to Hillary as Lucifer.” Dr. Carson was speaking of Saul Alinsky, the renowned communist who wrote a manifesto on how to “change America” (sound familiar) by manipulating the media, etc. He refers to Lucifer in the notorious writing.

Dr. Carson never compared Hillary in any way to Lucifer, and the media clearly knows it. Yet “journalists” are exhausting themselves writing and commenting on outright lies and innuendo.

The example three-word headline is “GOP Convention Fact-Checking.” This headline can be put aside until the Democratic National Convention finishes early next month. If informed America wants to dabble in the media’s “fact-checking,” don’t plan to see any of the type of headlines above.

The headlines thus far at the convention should be “Elegant and Intelligent Melania Trump Wows Delegates,” or “Dr. Ben Carson Appeals to American’s Common Sense,” or “GOP hits hard on Foreign Policy and Domestic Spending.”

Don’t hold your breath for two reasons: you’ll faint and then possibly rely on Obamacare to save your life.

Listen and think carefully, my fellow Americans.

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About the Author

Dwight L. Schwab Jr. is an award-winning SF Bay Area moderate conservative columnist of over 4,000 national columns on politics and foreign affairs for and He has over 40 years’ experience in the publishing industry, and The Game Changer is as hard-hitting as his previous book, Redistribution of Common Sense, and his daily columns. Dwight is a native of Portland, Oregon, and a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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